Hello Groupon Clients

Thank you for purchasing a Groupon to try my services. Maybe you are new to massage or maybe you just want to understand how to use and redeem your Groupon… Hopefully this page helps.

Wait, you do Groupons? Why did I pay full price?

I sometimes have Groupon specials so new people can try out the service. It is a massively discounted price for a one-time appointment. It would be unsustainable to offer continued discounts to all customers. My hope is that if you are a returning customer, you appreciate the service enough to pay the regular price. Thank you for understanding.



Why don’t you answer your phone?

As the only massage therapist in a one person business, all of my business hours are spent massaging clients.

The best way to book an appoint is online which is open and available 24 hours a day. It also contains my schedule and all open appointment slots and so it can give you far more information all at once.

I bought a Groupon can I book online?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, online is the preferred method of booking! Simply book your appointment and present your groupon at when you show for the appointment.

Do I need to fill out the intake form?

Yes. There is an area to put the Groupon voucher number, your name, and the expiration date. If it is a gift, you need to put the person that gifted you the groupon as well as the voucher number and expiration date.

I bought a Groupon without looking at your hours and I can’t schedule during your hours. Can you get me in?

No, unfortunately. You should get a refund from Groupon.

My Groupon is expiring and you have no availability. What do I do?

The groupon is valid for 4 months. If you book an appointment beyond the Groupon Expiration date, you can use the Groupon as a gift card toward the full price of the service.

It does not matter if I am booked out for a day, a week, two weeks, or even a month before the date your groupon expires. Any appointment that is made after it expires is handled in this way.

Can I reschedule my appointment?

Yes you can reschedule your appointment at any time. However, if the rescheduling makes the appointment after a groupon expires, the Groupon will be considered expired but you can use the Groupon as a gift card toward the full price of the service.

To reschedule your appointment, Use the link in your initial appointment booking email. If your appointment is looming, you will also have reschedule links in your 1 week and 1 day reminder emails.


Your online system didn’t ask me to pay. Is it free?

The online system is strictly for booking. This allows you to present your Groupon and pay however you’d like at the time of the massage. I will redeem your Groupon separately from the payment.

Can I leave a tip?

Yes, it is customary for clients to tip their massage therapist. Also you are getting a service at a discount, it is important to keep that in mind when using a Groupon for any service industry.

Why was my Groupon redeemed, if I didn’t show up for the appointment?

If you have scheduled an appointment and you do not show up for the appointment and you do not contact me by leaving a voicemail, sending a text, or an email, your Groupon will be redeemed. There are plenty of ways to contact me and let me know that you can not make it and need to reschedule.